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The story of the RTS target systems begins with the head instructor of the Israeli SHABAC (General Security Service, the equivalent of the FBI and Secret Service in Israel) looking for a target system that is safe for point blank CQB training and will fit the training methods that were used in the SHABAC academy. Collaborating with a long-time friend, and a 12 year SHABAC veteran, the two partnered with FAB-Defense to design and manufacture a new target system and RTS was founded.

FAB's state-of-the-art engineering, manufacturing and quality-assurance technologies and methods ensures that all products exceed even the most stringent industry standards. All products are rigorously tested by some of the best tactical units in the world.

Suitable for use with all handgun or SMG ammunition, including rifle calibers up to 7.62, the RTS Target contains no metal parts, eliminating ricochets and enabling the shooter to shoot at point blank range.
The RTS system is a modular system, the shooter can replace the target board, add a CQB or Reactive Target connectors to transform a static target to a reactive one, add one of the different electronic counting and reactive systems or include one of 3 target cover solutions, which replace the need for paper target shapes.

The RTS Self-Healing target systems are the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor ranges, and are used by law enforcement, military and recreational shooters worldwide.

The professional shooter will benefit from the CQB system for close range training using live ammo or Simunation, and from the Shooting Range kit, that saves time while shooting in groups on the firing range.

The recreational shooter will benefit from products like the Veleta systems, that are ideal for recreational shooting and target practice, making the whole “Shooting Experience” more friendly and non-intimidating.


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