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Trango Systems is a security solutions provider specializing in force building and combat training infrastructure. Its solutions and products were developed for use by military units and homeland security agencies. They are designed to prepare combatants to effectively and efficiently deal with present-day challenges in the battlefield, by simulating the operational setting as realistically as possible, and supporting training in a wide range of scenarios, with emphasis placed on the urban environment.

The company was established by Brigadier General (ret.) Hagai Mordechai and Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Eitan Ben Gad, who have risen through the ranks in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and have filled a variety of command positions in elite combat and reconnaissance units, as well as senior positions in the IDF's GHQ.
Brig. Gen. (ret.) Mordechai's positions have included, among others, Division Commander with combat experience in major military campaigns, Head of the IDF Tactical Command Academy, and Head of the IDF Chief of Staff's Bureau.

Lt. Col. (ret.) Ben Gad has served as a senior commander of several elite combat and reconnaissance units, and as Chief of Operations of the Paratrooper's Brigade and of the IDF Central Command, among others. Furthermore, he was assigned overall responsibility for all shooting and sniping training and certifications in the IDF's Counterterrorism Academy.

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