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The latest pr duction vehicles have laminated noise reduction glass technology. “Window punches” and batons are no longer effective for this type of glass, and you never know what kind of glass you have in front of you.

With our unique CarRake it doesn´t matter what kind of glass it is, the laminated car window is gone in a few seconds.

As with all our glass entry tools, the tool head has an effective design which enables the sharp teeth to easily saw through the laminated glass.

Crafted from premium hardened steel, the Car Rake utilizes a weighted head to ensure proper penetration of any glass type, including the laminated, security, and privacy glass commonly used on newer vehicles. The forward side features a curved rake that allows the operator to pull away glass shards for safe passage through a window, while the reverse side features a seatbelt cutter that allows the operator to quickly and safely extricate vehicle occupants.



  • Designed for first responders
  • Integrated glass rake for safe entry
  • Built-in seatbelt cutter tool for quick extrication
  • Shaft built from hardened hydraulic steel
  • Head built from carbonized steel alloy
  • Length: 43,5 cm
  • Weight: 4,5 kg



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