Duty Holster 6418

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Radar Duty Holster 6418




Radar 6418 is a holster for both routine and special operations and is ideal for visible weapon carrying on uniforms with 3 weapon retention levels. It responds efficiently to the current safety and functionality requirements of the professio- nal Duty sector. It was designed by the Radar Cube laboratory and is fitted with LL – Lock Loop, an innovative Dual Action FR3 safety system (RADAR Patented), which, in addition to guaranteeing a double retention level, allows the weapon to be released, freed and drawn by means of a single and rapid combined action. Made in Polyform, a ultimate-generation technopolymer, which is light, non-deformable and indestructible, even in the most extreme and stressful situations.



  • Retention level 3



FR3 technologies

The LL – LOCK LOOP, like all the FR3 security devices, is also designed to guarantee a very high level of weapon security associated with fast release and reset of the blocking mechanism, while allowing the user to draw the weapon instinctively and re-holster it easily.



Dual Action

The LL – LOCK LOOP project envisaged the creation of a single Dual Action device which incorporates 2 levels of retention in one blocking device composed of a rotating strap and a pivoting lever acting as a second security level. It is a double security system which does not limit either the draw speed or re-holstering: in fact, with just one hand and simple thumb pressure, the primary safety device (ROT.HO.LOCK I) can be unblocked to free the gun; while to take the holster to a high double protection level one only has to activate the blocking lever which stops the button to open the primary system from being pressed. The two systems are independent and therefore it is possible to choose the required level. Reinsertion is also easy because the holster stays completely open and, to put the gun back safely, one only has to move the strap with a quick hand movement, without needing to look at the holster and reset the blocking lever.


Top Security

The external strap is already a visible deterrent for criminals and, besides, in a struggle it would be very difficult for an attacker to remove the gun from the holster because the unblocking action can be made only by the wearer.



  • On a uniform duty belt
  • Right-hand or left-hand


Wearability systems:

  • "S"-shaped loop
  • Multilink interaxis system


Construction solution:

  • Poliform

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